Micronotes Digital Prescreen

Credit marketing using credit bureau data is one of the most powerful tools financial institutions have to refinance debt held elsewhere for creditworthy customers and members. However, today’s credit marketing processes are cumbersome, expensive, and use “APR-speak” that fails to deliver an answer to the fundamental question of refinancing, “How much money will I save by refinancing?”

Credit Marketing Automation

Micronotes Digital Prescreen connects consumers directly to their primary financial institution to refinance mispriced debt leveraging:

  • Credit bureau data
  • Soaring digital banking traffic
  • Low capital costs for banks and credit unions
  • Dollarized savings values that consumers understand
  • Micronotes.ai proven engagement model deployed in digital banking at over 100 financial institutions

Micronotes Digital Prescreen eliminates the need for refinancing intermediaries by automating the credit marketing process from pre-screen lending criteria to individual dollarized savings conversations in mobile and online banking, all in an FCRA* compliant package.

an example of credit marketing automation with Micronotes ReFI

How It Works

Micronotes Digital Prescreen automatically compares the cost of your customers’ or members’ debt held elsewhere to your current offers and communicates any material savings through refinancing to each customer or member as he or she logs-in or logs-out of mobile and online banking.


For credit marketing pros, Micronotes Digital Prescreen:

  • Speaks in dollars to drive higher conversion rates per pre-screen record by solving the “APR-speak” communication problem, thereby creating an immediately actionable refinancing opportunity.
  • Takes the labor out of credit marketing to expand the number and type of refinancing campaigns financial institutions can run.

For marketing pros new to credit or pre-screen marketing, Micronotes Digital Prescreen:

  • Consumes your lending criteria, customer list, and loan offers.
  • Creates a pre-screen marketing list through our partnerships with the credit bureaus.
  • Delivers dollarized pre-screen offers through the digital banking channels.
  • Delivers pre-qualified opt-in leads directly to the loan officers or loan engines.


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*Compliant with The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA): Prescreened Consumer Reports and Opt-Out Notice – Sections 604(c) and 615(d); 15 U. S.C. 1681b(c) and 15 U.S.C. 1681m(d); and 12 CFR 1022.54