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USALLIANCE Financial is a multi-faceted $1+ billion financial institution serving about 100,000 members worldwide, including employees of American Express, PepsiCo and IBM. Read how micronotes helped them.

The USALLIANCE team adopted Micronotes’ AI-driven marketing automation platform to enable engagement with digital users through brief one-on-one conversations during or at the end of online or mobile banking sessions. Conversations typically last just a few seconds and help USALLIANCE learn members’ needs and preferences. That information enables USALLIANCE to stay connected with members—even when it doesn’t see them in person at branches. Micronotes also enables USALLIANCE to deliver personalized offers to every member, and immediately follow up with those who explicitly state they are in market for a specific product or service. When first deployed, Micronotes used six months of USALLIANCE’s member data to generate propensity scores that USALLIANCE used to deliver specific conversations to each member. Then, as more conversations took place and new responses were collected in real time, the Micronotes Predict™ module fed that new data into its machine-learning solution to adjust predictions for the next series of conversations. Micronotes helps USALLIANCE identify members at risk of attrition and accounts in danger of delinquency. And the Micronotes platform also provides USALLIANCE with its Net Promoter Score®, which is used to measure, compare and improve member loyalty


The first week it deployed the Micronotes solution, USALLIANCE conducted thousands of digital interviews, achieving an engagement rate above 7 percent. The interactions yielded actionable leads along with insight on members’ financial preferences and what they needed and wanted from USALLIANCE. The leads enabled USALLIANCE to deepen existing member relationships as well as sell the right services and products based on members’ needs.


In the five years it has used Micronotes, USALLIANCE has conducted 215,000 digital conversations with members and has seen its engagement rate rise to a monthly average of 20 percent for the past 36 months. Those engagements have strengthened its relationships with members and led to sales at a rate significantly above the industry norm. “Micronotes has given us the ability to easily and regularly engage with our growing membership,” said Kenworthy. “As an added bonus, it also has helped us generate hundreds of opportunities for us. For example, a recent campaign invited targeted members to invest in certificates of deposit and resulted in $1.2 million in CD openings.”

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Net Promoter Score

One of the best ways for financial institutions to measure “how they’re doing” with digital banking users is to conduct a Net Promoter® Score campaign, a widely used method for measuring, comparing and improving customer loyalty. NPS® is based on the concept that every business’s customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

This success story examines how three banks— Monson Savings Bank, Pioneer Bank and Reliance Bank—use Micronotes’ AI marketing automation solution to conduct NPS surveys and obtain an immediate view of customer attitudes, so they can leverage promoters to refer friends and address any concerns of passives or detractors.

Monson Savings Bank

Monson Savings Bank is a community bank with four locations, nearly a half-billion dollars in assets and more than 7,000 digital banking users. Terri Fox, SVP of retail administration for the Massachusetts bank, says fostering engagement with digital customers is a top priority, given the continuing decline in branch visits. The ability to conduct NPS surveys using Micronotes helps Monson keep a close eye on how customers feel about the bank.

Fox says in its three-month NPS survey, Monson asked about a number of issues important to the bank, including “customer service, product offerings and digital banking channels, to name a few.” About 10 percent of customers responded, providing valuable feedback: “We were able to gauge our customers’ brand loyalty and willingness to recommend Monson to others.

100Referral leads

Receiving NPS feedback in real time provides a great way for the Monson team to demonstrate its responsiveness to customers’ needs. “If anyone gave a low rating or any negative feedback, we were able to make things right very quickly and save the relationship.”

Previously, Monson used a third-party to conduct NPS-like surveys. “But because Micronotes provides NPS capabilities, we stopped using that vendor and with the cost savings, we deployed Micronotes, giving us the ability to launch NPS campaigns and so many other types of conversations with our customers, which is a real bonus for us.”

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