$3.5B Visions CU Installs Micronotes’ Trial Software in One Hour and Posts Record Campaign Results

January 4, 2017


A recent webinar with the marketing and web staff from a large credit union revealed that Micronotes’ trial software installs quickly, and generates record campaign results. 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.JANUARY 04, 2017—Micronotes®, a cloud-based marketing automation company for financial institutions, today announced that Visions Federal Credit Union posted record campaign results using Micronotes’ free-trial, which Visions’ staff installed in about one hour. The credit union staff told their story during a recent Micronotes webinar.

Staying competitive as a financial institution in today’s rapidly evolving fintech-driven environment is not easy. Lengthy and costly enterprise software deployments make it impossible for financial marketing executives to quickly experiment with new technologies before making a purchasing decision. But, Micronotes has changed all that.

Commenting on Micronotes’ comparative campaign performance, Thomas Novak, e-commerce solutions manager for Visions Federal Credit Union, said, “It’s much higher than any other engagement campaigns that we’ve run…upwards of double our best campaigns.” Novak went on to explain the broader issues facing retail banking providers: “Our branch traffic is going down, our manual and in-person transactions are going down, so the instances when we get a chance to interact with a member is decreasing overall. However, our online traffic and our mobile traffic and overall our digital traffic is increasing exponentially, so having a tool that can get our members to engage where they’re doing business is absolutely essential.”

When asked if he was surprised by the volume of lead flow from Micronotes’ free trial, Novak said: “The reason it was surprising is because we don’t currently employ a tool that can help us generate leads of this nature. We really just have a lot of static data to see if a user clicked on something and how many impressions might that [ad] be making, but nothing to tie back to the member and say ‘here’s an opportunity to reach out to them’ or market to them and know exactly what they were looking for.”

“Banking institutions are increasingly vulnerable to disintermediation from non-bank competitors because long implementation cycles have crushed the innovation needed to solve mission-critical problems such as: how to deepen relationships with customers who don’t visit branches.” said Devon Kinkead, founder and CEO of Micronotes. “But, as you’ll learn in this webinar, Micronotes has removed the barriers to rapid trial, results, and decision making with our free trial platform. It took only about one hour to install Micronotes’ free trial—which generated record cross-sell campaign results—and that’s with our free version! But, don’t take our word for it, listen to the webinar!”

Micronotes offers its free-trial to enable financial institutions to experience the power of interview marketing, first-hand, with their own customers. Across all of its products, Micronotes interviews typically take fewer than 12 seconds to complete and the average fraction of customers engaging in the interview process in any month is 32 percent. Micronotes Basic, Pro, and Enterprise versions require installation.

About Visions Federal Credit Union
Visions Federal Credit Union is a nonprofit financial institution completely owned by its members. Founded in 1966, Visions serve more than 180,000 members with offices in communities throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Services include general banking as well as auto, home, personal, and business loans. Visit here for more information.

About Micronotes
Micronotes is a marketing automation company serving financial service providers. The company’s fast, automated and cloud-based digital interview platform applies machine learning to customer data to improve customer engagement and effectively cross-sell financial services through the digital service channels. A privately held company, Micronotes is based in Cambridge, Mass.