Micronotes ReFI™ Taps Soaring Digital Banking Traffic to Deliver Financial Institutions Their Share of $2 Trillion in Currently Mispriced Debt

June 29, 2020


With Micronotes ReFI, Financial Institutions have the technology they need to programmatically help their customers and members understand and act on real dollarized savings by automatically identifying refinancing opportunities for consumer debt held elsewhere, including auto loans, personal loans, student loans, credit card debt and mortgages.

Micronotes ReFI eliminates the need for refinancing intermediaries by automating the credit marketing process from pre-screen lending criteria to individual dollarized savings conversations in mobile and online banking, all in an FCRA compliant package.

Micronotes ReFI leverages the core advantages of financial institutions to connect consumers directly to their primary financial institution to refinance mispriced debt:

  • Credit bureau data
  • Soaring digital banking traffic
  • Persistently low capital costs for banks and credit unions
  • Dollarized savings values that consumers understand
  • A proven engagement model deployed in digital banking at over 100 financial institutions

“Our aim with Micronotes ReFI is to improve the efficiency of the 14 trillion dollar consumer credit market by solving the biggest problem in credit marketing: communication. People just don’t understand the “APR-speak” lenders use to explain the value of a refinancing offer. We’ve solved that problem by doing the math for consumers and presenting dollarized refinancing savings opportunities, that anyone can understand, in a conversational format, delivered through the mobile and online banking channels. It’s a huge win for people and their banking providers,” said Devon Kinkead, Founder and CEO of Micronotes.

About validates predicted financial services needs.’s innovative approach to machine learning creates meaningful dialogues with the target audience to improve engagement metrics and connect mobile and online banking customers to digital resources and humans for fulfillment. helps financial institutions deepen relationships with their digital banking customers and members by starting conversations, developing relationships, and building trust.

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