Micronotes Releases an Affordable Predictive Marketing Platform for Financial Institutions

December 7, 2016


Newest product release puts the power of predictive marketing automation within the reach of all financial institutions to solve the engagement problem caused by falling branch traffic.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—DECEMBER 7, 2016—Micronotes®, a cloud-based marketing automation company for financial institutions, today announced the availability of its Enterprise 4.0 platform combining machine learning, interview marketing, and a low-cost and secure cloud-based architecture to convert digital banking traffic into personal conversations and sales.

Micronotes Enterprise™ 4.0 is available for as little as $750/mo., following installation, and enables any financial institution to achieve a level of intelligent engagement with digital banking customers that is being lost with the decline in branch traffic.

“Enterprise 4.0 is a major advance in predictive marketing automation,” said Devon Kinkead, founder and CEO of Micronotes. “Banking institutions, both large and small, can now leverage time-series machine learning to target and interview their digital banking customers to uncover and service unmet financial needs—all for as little as $750/mo. And since the platform measures its own sales performance and is available as a free trial that installs in less than an hour, trying Micronotes is a no-brainer.”

Micronotes Enterprise 4.0 enables bank marketers to leverage existing data and channels to engage customers through online banking, mobile banking, text, and social media with game-changing results. The full multichannel interview marketing system delivers hot leads directly from the interview to the front lines via email or the CRM system, and automatically measures monthly sales from Micronotes. Enterprise 4.0 requires a data feed and installation.

Micronotes offers a free trial to enable financial institutions to experience the power of interview marketing, first-hand, with their own customers. Across all of its products, Micronotes interviews typically take fewer than 12 seconds to complete and the average fraction of customers engaging in the interview process in any month is 32 percent.

About Micronotes
Micronotes is a marketing automation company serving financial service providers. The company’s fast, automated and cloud-based digital interview platform applies machine learning to customer data to improve customer engagement and effectively cross-sell financial services through the digital service channels. A privately held company, Micronotes is based in Cambridge, Mass.