Micronotes Releases Free Downloadable Propensity Scores

September 6, 2017


Micronotes now enables financial institutions to download predictive scores—free of charge—
for all customers or members for all products to drive all marketing activities

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—September 6, 2017—Micronotes, a cloud-based marketing automation platform using machine learning to solve the digital engagement problem for financial institutions, today announced free propensity score downloads from its platform, enabling all financial institutions to fully participate in the predictive marketing revolution with the click of a button.

Deployed via the high-traffic mobile and online banking channels, Micronotes machine learns audiences for banking products and services, validates individual user needs via direct user response, formulates and serves a conversation-appropriate offer, fulfills the order online or sends the referral to the front lines, and tracks campaign metrics and sales. And now, customers can download propensity scores, informed by direct user responses, for use in other marketing campaigns, including: email, direct mail, social media, and advertising.

“Historically, only very large financial institutions could afford predictive models to direct marketing campaigns, tilting the playing field. But now, any financial institution can do multi-channel predictive marketing informed by marketing data and direct user input via interview, just by installing Micronotes,” said Devon Kinkead, CEO of Micronotes. “For community financial institutions facing a consolidating industry, cross-sell prowess to improve retention is a matter of life or death, and Micronotes is enabling these institutions to fully participate in the predictive marketing revolution with a few clicks to level the playing field.”

Downloadable propensity scores are now available with Micronotes Pro and Enterprise versions.

About Micronotes
Micronotes is a marketing automation company serving financial service providers. The company’s fast, automated and cloud-based digital interview platform applies machine learning to customer data to improve customer engagement and effectively cross-sell financial services through the digital service channels. A privately held company, Micronotes is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.