We've helped over 100 financial institutions start important discovery conversations through mobile and online banking.

We leverage data, AI, and soaring digital banking traffic to:

  • Win back business lost to competitors
  • Discover unmet financial needs
  • Drive adoption and use of electronic services
  • Cross-sell financial products and services

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  • Lower customer/member borrowing costs by refinancing mispriced debt held elsewhere.
  • Engage with 15-20% of the digital banking audience every month to surface unmet needs.
  • Know which campaigns are driving business, and which aren't.
  • Set-and-forget campaigns knowing that Micronotes.ai is learning your customers/members preferences and adjusting dialogues accordingly.
  • Compare your Net Promoter Score to your competitors, drive referrals from your promoters, and learn how to improve customer service.
  • Customize your customer/member journeys to your financial institutions' voicing and infrastructure.

Ready to win back the business your customers/members have taken elsewhere?

Learn how Micronotes.ai can help your financial institution turn digital conversations with mobile and online banking customers into more revenue and deeper relationships.

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Under The Hood

Surface Mispriced Debt

Personalized Digital Dialogues

Full Analytics

Automatic Machine Learning

Net Promoter Score

Flexible Targeted Content

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    Solutions For:

    solutions for large banks

    Large Banks

    Micronotes provides turn-key or functionally-driven API-based cross-sell solutions to help large financial institutions connect with their digital customers through the digital banking channels.

    solutions for community banks

    Community Banks

    Micronotes provides turn-key cross-sell solutions that are pre-integrated to the most widely used mobile and online banking systems to help community banks leverage their service culture to level the playing field.

    solutions for credit unions

    Credit Unions

    Micronotes provides turn-key member engagement solutions that are pre-integrated to the most widely used mobile and online banking systems to help credit unions leverage their member-focused culture to drive deeper relationships with members.

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    We Are

    By AI



    Micronotes innovative approach to machine-learning creates meaningful dialogue with the target audience to improve engagement metrics.


    Micronotes engages nearly one in five digital banking customers per month through discovery dialogue to validate predicted financial services needs.

    Act & Learn

    Micronotes connects online banking customers to digital resources and humans for fulfillment — whichever the user requests — and automatically learns from the interaction.

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    Driven By

    Micronotes.ai delivers engagement and cross-sell results by asking mobile banking and online banking customers smart questions about life events that drive personal financial needs.

    Defined By



    Financial Institutions can’t learn about unmet customer/member needs if they can’t engage them in dialogue. 19% of our clients’ mobile and online banking users take at least one interview in a typical 90-day period.



    We are obsessed with asking digital banking users smart questions to convert analytics into a real understanding of individual customer needs. 25% of personalized offers are accepted following a dialogue in mobile and online banking in a typical 90-day period.



    Our clients leverage Micronotes’ machine learning to process the huge volume of bank-held, third-party, and customer/member response data to automatically improve targeting accuracy. Micronotes automatically processes 100% of these data into training data to machine-learn who to connect with next, about what. Our clients also use these downloadable propensity scores to run smarter, more effective email and direct mail campaigns.

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    People and money are the primary obstacles to executing a #DigitalTransformation strategy, based on feedback from our webinar attendees this week. It's an arms race to the best digital experience and those armaments must be affordable and effective. #banking #fintech #AI

    We asked #bankers on our webinar to answer a poll question. @msieve then reported that #banks have overtaken #creditunions in #customersatisfaction. With all customers now digital, this is an arms race to the best digital experience. A funded strategy is the only way forward.

    Send us a note via https://micronotes.ai if you'd like the information (video & slides) from yesterday's webinar: Digital Life: New Analytics & AI. It was fun, informative, and we had a lot of audience questions. #banking #experian #msieve #refinancing #DigitalTransformation

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