Micronotes turns digital channels into revenue generators using big data, AI, and automation to deliver thousands of offers for loans, deposits, and investments to improve customer/member retention and drive new customer acquisition

Grow Loan Portfolio
We help you use data to identify credit-worthy customers with higher-cost debt at competitor institutions by consistently asking customers targeted, personalized questions that uncover valid financial needs. Then, automatically push validated leads to the right people on your team to improve loan business.
Micronotes connects banking and credit data to deliver a secure cloud-based digital engagement solution to identify new loan opportunities. Our unique AI-driven engagement helps you turn your digital channels into revenue generators booking higher quality loans.
Our pre-integrated solutions seamlessly integrate into major mobile and online banking platforms. Once set up, you can quickly address deposit run-off without adding resources to your team.
Grow Deposit Accounts
Eliminate the guesswork from your financial institution’s deposit growth strategy with Micronotes. Instead, use data to access current deposit activity and identify opportunities for new deposits. Our technology eliminates combing through data to find revenue opportunities and allows immediate customer engagement without draining employee resources.
You can deliver thousands of personalized mobile and online banking offers to promote specific services.
Boost Retention
Drive engagement through frequent check-ins with your customers using data-driven automation. Be the first to discover customer financial needs,desires and pain points. We give you a competitive edge by enabling a high-tech, high-touch feel with Net Promoter Score (NPS®) and other experience-monitoring capabilities.
NPS measures your brand’s customer experience and provides the best metric to anchor your customer experience management program.
NPS® enables customers to communicate their experience and the "why" behind the scores they give you. Learn how to encourage your promotors or brand ambassadors to promote your brand via other channels, i.e., Google reviews.
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Net Promoter Score is a registered trademark, and Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

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