Big Data

A data-led strategy beyond the walls of your institution.

  • Multiple Data Sources: Micronotes joins multiple data sources, including bank-held data, credit data, property data, location data, behavioral data, and more, to deliver unprecedented insight to consumers and the institutions that serve them.
  • Real-Time Data: Say goodbye to batch and hello to data on demand. Real-Time Data means you can have actionable data in near real-time. As a result, give your consumers a higher-quality experience and lower the likelihood of missing opportunities.
  • Built with Compliance in Mind: Given the collaboration between Micronotes and Experian in building Digital Prescreen, the product set was created with data security and compliance as critical requirements.
Get continuous customer feedback and gain continual insight through analytics and engagement.
Continuous Feedback: One of the most important aspects of a financial institution's growth is receiving continuous customer feedback. Micronotes helps you gain that continual insight through analytics and engagement.
Machine Learning + Open APIs

Intelligent Decisioning Meets Seamless Integration

Micronotes helps you quickly and accurately anticipate all your online banking customers’ needs through AI. Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect as one of our partners:

  • Predictive Models: One of the keys to our automation platform is that it delivers accurate predictions for your customers’ banking needs and preferences. These predictions help you act quickly, enabling you to close new loans and drive more deposits.
  • Easy Implementation: With pre-integration into many prominent online and mobile banking platforms, clients often start using the platform after the kick-off call.
  • Cloud-based: There are no servers for you to manage or keep updated with Micronotes. Instead, we do the work for you. Financial institutions focus on closing business and customer retention. We focus on the tech stack.
Hyper-Personalization & Real Conversations

Intelligent Decisioning Meets Seamless Integration

With Micronotes, all communication to consumers is branded in the name your end-users trust: yours. In addition, we help you reinforce digital banking channels, email, direct mail, and other CRM-based marketing activities to make marketing data immediately actionable.

  • No More Guessing: Stop guessing about what your customers want or need. Start making informed decisions that lead to better conversions.
  • Trusted Communication: All communication, regardless of channel, comes from you. That means it aligns with your branding/style guide and includes your logo.
  • Increased Campaign Value: Improve your customer’s overall banking experience. Micronotes reduces mistargeting and missed opportunities for new loans and deposits.
  • Start Conversations: We give you the tools to start personal conversations that uncover financial needs to increase revenue.
Develop Relationships: Automate relationship-building conversations that build trust and deepen customer relationships.
Grow with Micronotes
Let’s get together to discuss how we can help you deepen your knowledge of your customers and prospects and grow your deposits and loans this year. Micronotes helps you rethink banking with:

  1. Big Data
  2. Machine Learning + Open API’s
  3. Hyper Personalization

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