Micronotes Cross-Sell™

Increase Deposits, eService Adoption, and Retention

Micronotes Cross-Sell uses bank-held data, analytics, machine learning, and microinterview engagement technology seamlessly deployed through mobile/online banking, email, and SMS to deliver 26 times the click-through rate of banner ads. Implementation is seamless because Micronotes Cross-Sell is integrated with most leading mobile/online banking systems using modern APIs.

Success metrics show increased:

  • Deposits
  • e-Service adoption
  • Net Promoter Score & retention
  • Recruiting metrics

If you want to get to know your digital customers or members personally, at scale, trust Micronotes Cross-Sell to ask the right questions at the right time and generate a real sense of community.

Micronotes Digital Prescreen™

For Existing Customers

Micronotes Digital Prescreen is your prescreen-in-a-box solution for always-on credit marketing to existing customers who hold debt with a competing institution and could save time and money by doing more loan and deposit business with your bank.

Digital Prescreen combines your customer/member data, underwriting criteria, rate sheets, and our Experian credit database containing ~230MM records to automatically deliver financially personalized firm credit offers to every qualifying customer/member.

It’s time to help your customers/members improve their financial lives by doing more business with you. They expect it, and now you can deliver with always-on Micronotes Digital Prescreen.

Micronotes Prescreen Acquire™

For New Customer Acquisition

Micronotes Prescreen Acquire is the industry’s first credit marketing platform for community financial institutions focused on acquiring new accounts. The power of Prescreen Acquire comes from its ability to leverage 230MM consumer credit records through advanced algorithms and deliver hyper-personalized FCRA-compliant firm offers of credit for your products to creditworthy prospects in your service area(s).

Prescreen Acquire does the heavy lifting by combining underwriting criteria, rate sheets, and geotargeting to deliver email and direct mail firm offers of credit that produce higher response rates from marketing outreach. You focus on the quality and quantity of those prospects and welcoming new account holders.

It’s time to get personal with new customer/member acquisition with Micronotes Prescreen Acquire.

Join your peers in reinventing community banking